Jenny Morgan
"The Means"
oil on canvas, 19 x 15 in, 2008

Anonymous asked: "I hope brain ressources are renewable... <br> I have nothing to say about the material world, but I really hope your own mind treat you in a more confortable way. <br> I don't know about utility or uselessness of things, I don't really mind about this. I prefer interest, and think things only have the interest you give to them. I let you know I put some in your answer. Please don't be sorry. <br> Sorry for '<br>' but ask tool is not really friendly and it's the better way I actually found..."

I hope so too, and thank you for contributing to making me feel a little better. It’s nice to know that someone actually reads any of my posts. I thought they always sort of just passed everyone by. 

You’re right. Nothing is useless (as is everything, probably) and I can’t think of anything that’s not at least slightly interesting.


Let’s all just take a moment to look at what’s going on in the world right now. Russia’s invading Ukraine, Israel and Gaza are still at war, the terrorist group ISIS is continually thriving and mutilating throughout Iraq and Syria, Africa is going through the worst Ebola outbreak in history, and racism still seems to be reigning supreme, right here in America, 50 years after the Civil Rights movement. What the hell is happening? When will it end?

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There are people getting rich on our hatred of our bodies

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"Maybe I’m not so good as I seem to you.
I’ve a bad heart; I will have my own way."

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Jaden Smith has escaped

everything suck / august 2014

La vie d’Adèle

Anonymous asked: "I'm really sorry, i wasn't clear in my messages, I have to explain my point of view. <br> For me ‘The world’ is that thing people in the streets, the trains... are used to mention. <br> I was supposed to ask you what you were thinking about when talking about ‘this world’ before answering. So I ask you now. Which world is this ? What is this world you're evoking, asking for alternatives to ? <br> Would be great pleasure to talk about this with you... <br> Friendly more than anonymously, <br> M."

To me, the world is everything around me including the imagination and feelings of every living thing. What I meant by saying there should be alternatives was that I wish there was a way to turn it all off, everything we/I’ve ever learned (colors, shapes, sounds) and enter something completely new. A way that I could feel new things, experience new things, that no one has ever imagined (and I did not mean time travel or any other sci-fi stuff, because that is of this world too, as we have already created the idea of them). The brain has limited resources, and they’re not satisfying enough for me.  

And, when I thought of this world as a party in a political election (I know, it sounds stupid, but I wasn’t very serious about it) it seemed fairly obvious that there had to be more than one alternative. Especially since there are so many that are not pleased with living in this world.

I guess that I was depressed too, and meant that I couldn’t think of a single thing at the moment that could make me want to stay in this world. I was sick of everything that I saw and heard in the material world, and perhaps even more sick of what my own mind was doing to me.

Sorry for this long and probably useless answer. 


Dance Exposure III
Alex Sadreddini

Anonymous asked: ">Why aren’t there alternatives to this world? <br> Seriously there's at least one..."

Depends on what ‘the world’ is to you.